Friday, 27 January 2017

Comply v. Commit

A leader with a vision they absolutely believe in and understand themselves is most evident through how they communicate it to those they need to rely on to convert it from dream to concept to implemented reality. They have the ability to talk about that future, that vision, with such clarity it is as if they are talking about the past. That's where the difference between commitment or compliance begins.
We all know there are times when there is a high level of urgency or some crisis and compliance is needed; where the need to get people started and a solution implemented. These are the exceptions.

We also all know at some level the value and benefits of getting people to commit to something and yet it's never too far away until I see another example of "because I said so", ego-driven politics. The following is my short rant of sorts to just get this out there in the hope it does someone good.

The differences between compliance and commitment is regardless of whatever or how much passion you have for whatever you're trying to achieve. Here is a brief list of those differences.

Compliance ---
  • People may comply but you still can't force anyone to do anything -- you will fail to fully achieve your vision / objectives ... no matter how much your response to this is "oh yeah, I'll show you!"
  • Whatever you're actually able to achieve -- it'll cost more to get there. Maybe through money, time, bad blood, whatever, ... you can be assured it will cost more.
  • It'll also cost more to maintain if for no other reason than those who do not agree or believe in your vision (because you didn't get their buy in) will do what they want when they think they can get away with it ... guaranteed.
  • ... or maybe they just don't care because you already showed them you don't care.
  • Drivers try to enforce their vision by introducing a down side / threats; negative reinforcement
Commitment --- 
  • Decisions are made and communicated based on objective, critical reasoning (not subjective -- yes, yes, we already know your mommy said you were wonderful and perfect. She's probably the only one and maybe a few others that think so), and so ...
    • people understand why
    • they appreciate it's importance and impact
    • there is a WIIFM for them that isn't based on a threat
    • enforcement is mostly self-perpetual through positive reinforcement

So    much     easier.

A mentor of mine once told me they focus on sharing what they are for rather than what they are against, because what you put out comes back to you; what you sow is what you reap. Good advice. Wish more people knew it.

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