About this Blog

This blog was created for several reasons. High up on that list of reasons is that I'm an Agilist.

I believe in the Agile Manifesto and that except for a few exceptions in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications and high-tech engineering the traditional waterfall methodology to managing projects has had it's day.

My objective with this blog is to speed up "the wheels of progress that grind slowly." And this is with the realization that outside of this profession, a lot of people could not care less about managing projects or programs or what the difference is between them. Thus, in a nutshell, this site is about promoting, advancing and supporting a learning attitude to the profession. “I know ...” attitudes for me say that's a person who has stopped learning so with that in mind if you see me doing doing that please give me a sharp poke to wake me up. :-)

Content rules

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If you're not sure how a comment will be interpreted, re-write it in the first person vernacular -- i.e. use "I" statements.

Pretend it's like you're at work when you're posting comments -- i.e.:
  • Never write a post when you're angry - okay if you slip up, the first time I'll do you a favor and delete it for you within 24 hours in most cases -- note, however, how many people may see the comment YOU made in the interim
  • If you want to say negative things about your company, there are other sites for that. This site is focused on being positive, supportive and helpful to the readers of this blog.
  • One-up-man (or woman)-ship will absolutely not be tolerated
  • Calling other people and their viewpoints stupid, idiotic or otherwise making other disparaging remarks about them is just un-cool. The only exception I have to this rule is if another reader has left a comment about an illegal activity they are involved in. That comment, however, will soon find itself deleted anyway.

Violators of the above ToS will be warned once via personal email. Repeat offenses will have them permanently blocked.