My Bio & Credentials

Hi, my name is Leyton Collins. Welcome to my blog!

I'm an Agilist, agile evangelist (okay, some people say 'nerd'), and I believe knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.

Project and program management is and has been an active passion of mine since before it was considered a job unto its own; back when project management was something you did in addition to your real job. I've learned a lot over that time and hopefully some wisdom along with that including how to manage that passion. I'll hopefully also continue to learn more as time goes on.

I have been doing Agile since I learned of:
  • DSDM in 1993,
  • RAD in 1996,
  • Scrum in 1998,
  • XP in 2003, and
  • So on and so forth -- e.g. the 'xDD' stratgeis like Test and Feature Driven Development

I am or have been a:
  • Practical training and experience as a Program Manager, and as such a customer of Project Managers doing Agile
  • Programmer having professionally developed code in Java, Javascript, HTML, C, Visual Basic, Verilog, and VHDL among others.
  • Tester (experience in Reliability Engineering at Nortel)
  • Consultant / Contractor
  • CSM (Certified Scrum Master),
  • PMP (Project Management Professional) and am an active member of the PMI,
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner,
  • ITILv3 Foundation certified and have been using this ITILv1,
  • Six sigma Green Belt (Nortel employee certification),
  • Promoter of COBIT and CMMI,
  • Hold the philosophy that I am a lifelong learner, seek to learn something new every day, presume that if I’m not progressing and advancing my knowledge I’m getting dumber / regressing (there’s no standing still in nature),
  • A poor politician (I don’t like office / negative politics, I don’t practice it, I prefer to avoid people who do, and I wish more people in leadership roles did as well), and
  • I can be a bit of an ass when people speak opinions and perceptions as though they are truths.

I also have practical, tangible and demonstrable experience introducing and ramping up the use of Agile practices at several companies as an employee and a consultant.